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Ricardo Burgos was born in Salvador, Brazil. He is a highly talented performing artist. He has risen prominently with his films and theater performances routinely being selected at the world’s top festivals and receiving critical acclaim.

He performed in several leading roles in productions with the reassemble of the 1970's success Dzi Croquettes. In his time as a part of the group he performed as several of the leading characters of the show with his most stand out role as Maria Bethânia, a living icon in Brazil. The group performed 100+ shows over the course of 2 years in Rio de Janeiro and around Brazil. 

Furthermore, Ricardo Burgos performed a critical role as the antagonist for the acclaimed feature film After the RainThe film was covered by major media throughout Brazil, the U.S. and the world including major trade publications such as Variety magazine and Indie Wire. Additionally, the film was an Official Selection at some of the world’s leading film festivals including the pinnacle of the field in Cannes. The American Film Institute of the Moving Image in New York City hosted screenings of the widely acclaimed film.

Represented by Sana Hanible from Steinberg Talent Management, Ricardo Burgos has been living in NYC since 2016. He studied at Playhouse West New York under the direction of Andrea Dantas and Jim Parrack. And in 2017, he earned a Brazilian International Press Awards nomination for Best Actor in the theater production Inside the Wild Heart. Recently he co-starred in Christopher Ernst and Bill Darmon's 2017 screen adaptation of Fritz Leiber's fiction story The Hill and The Hole, as a Wyoming police officer named Joel.