Ricardo is nominated for Best Actor

In May 2017 Ricardo Burgos earned a Brazilian International Press Awards nomination for Best Actor for his performance in the theater production Inside the Wild Heart.

Inside the Wild Heart is a fully immersive theatrical experience showcasing the work of Clarice Lispector, Brazil's most acclaimed female writer. The show transports audience directly inside Lispector’s heart creating an experience that encourages audiences to engage with literature on a sensory level. 

Conceived by Andressa Furletti and Debora Balardini and directed by Regina Miranda, the show integrates visual arts, film, music & performance art, which embodies the writer’s deepest feelings, serving as an entry point to Clarice's incredible work, still mostly unknown in the US. Five actors and one dancer embody the writer's biggest themes such as identity, solitude, madness, violence and freedom accompanied by Mario Forte on the electronics and violin.

The audience is free to choose who to follow, where to go, how long to stay in each room and if they want to participate or not. Starting with the question "If you were yourself, what would you do?", Inside the Wild Heart opens the doors for the audience’s curiosity and creativity and reminds us that "Getting lost is also a way".