Defying Gender Norms

Photo: Samantha Mellina

“When Ezra Miller came out with his gender fluid photoshoot in Playboy of November 2018. Ricardo and I completely lost our minds. So we collaborated to recreate the same message without the glitz and glam of the Playboy shoot. Don’t get us wrong we loved that side. We brought more of a sense of home to this piece. The struggle of reality of what is male and what is female. Choosing between wearing the bra or the tie, and how we can create this sense of frustration. It is a big time in our lives and history lives where we can fully express ourselves then there is also that sense of still being scared to fully be ourselves. Be who ever you want to be and embrace it. Because gender is fluid and you are beautiful.

x, Samantha Mellina.”

Defying Gender Norms with Ricardo Burgos